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The quintessential aspect ratio of a screen is 16:9. SPARK is born of that oriented canvas.

We are agents of change and dynamic change is represented as a precise 30ยบ arrow.

A dynamic change arrow, combined with energy, slices through a 16:9 aspect ratio at a trajectory born of the south west and heading in a north easterly direction. The
atom is split.

The resulting form, post dynamic intervention, is now made of two hemispheres, both north and south - yin and yang. Nudged into a new shape - an insignia of everything Somo. A simple S.

The Somo logotype has many roles and responsibilities. It must work in ways that an unfamiliar audience understands perceptively, who we are and what we do. This communication is authentic. It clearly and succinctly inspires potential customers, new hires and industry trade press. At this early moment in our relationship with these prospects we must be purist and straight-talking.

A mark for the day-to-day functions

The Somo logotype must work at initial and secondary stages of engagement with any prospect. At this stage of the growing relationship we get the simple bread and butter communications done right. The mark must lead the prospect closer in towards us. Always with professionalism, enabled by being informative, introductory and energising.

A mark to define and describe

Our mark can be universal in it's way finding, both internally and to an external audience in any market or sector. Our brand mark is built action by action, just as houses are built brick by brick.

Image labels:

Travel & Tourism
Youth Culture

Brand personality and humour

By being brave with the versatile SPARK lockup we can augment our professional and straight-talking first position with personality and humour. Then SPARK can evoke fun, it can be social, it is inspiring and it will cause excitement.

SPARK should be social.
SPARK should be able to MEME.

Style and aesthetic

To our investors the SPARK should certainly appear both trustworthy and reliable, low risk and solid.

The SPARK must have the ability to be current and newsworthy. SPARK is a real-time 21st century mark. The simple, primitive shape at it's core means any creative mind can work with such an open, inviting blank canvass. SPARK does the lumber so a new idea can easily be born. Reinvention.


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