In early 2016 New Balance had two big problems; firstly, their 18 month old strapline 'ALWAYS IN BETA' wasn't landing with their target audience in research and secondly, their incumbent agency stateside were failing to deliver on the new global brand proposition for 2017. As a consultant in London I led the team that pitched and landed the account with 'Beat Predictability', a proposition that was as much about feeling 'ALWAYS IN BETA' as it was about articulating it. See the case study here ->
Benylin have over 50 years experience in the field of treating coughs. I wondered why couldn't they put all of that knowledge into a Smartphone app that uses machine learning to translate every cough caught by every phones' microphone and offer a target solution from their product range of 18 cough syrups on the Smartphone screen to help you deal with it. Then build a campaign around that, 'We Speak Cough' becomes the most up-to-date reference tool for diagnosis and relief. See the case study here ->
Brring was a start-up online shopper marketplace initially rolling out in the homeware vertical. It worked in the opposite way to eBay. Using a buyer-side app and a seller app we would connect the people with a clear idea of what they wanted to buy and set up a deal with the right person to sell it to them. Hence the Brring promise of Ask, Believe, Receive. I helped define the service, I branded it and prototyped the apps for presentation to angel investors. See the case study here ->
British fashion and make-over advisor "Trinny" Woodall has created Trinny London, a stackable, portable, curated makeup range. I led the UX discovery phase of her mobile-first eCommerce website. Delivering the consultative sale, our aim was to revolutionise how women buy, use and wear make up in the future. See the case study here ->
If prevention is better than cure, how do you make Cold & Flu visible so we can anticipate it? Create, publish and sponsor a free Cold & Flu index. Sudafed Fluwatcher - Keep a clearer head. See the case study here ->
At the end of every year, Orange France sends a Happy New Year card to their corporate commercial contacts. This year it needed to communicate the launch of a new five year strategic intent, called Essentials 2020. Leading the project, I wanted to combine printed traditional Taiwanese sky lanterns with an online experience enabling a digital version of each lantern to be launched online inside a virtual landscape that incorporated real weather data. The digital lanterns that were liked or shared the most in social media would fly the farthest and the winner would take a real hot air balloon ride over the trajectory of their lantern, air traffic laws permitting. See the case study here ->
Apple Design Project Brief 1996: A universal characteristic of humanity is the predilection for forming communities. Much of what makes life rich - story telling, song, art, gossip, friendship, games - is intimately entwined with community. In this age of rapid transit and mass communication we find other sorts of communities, which might be called communities of interest. In these communities - we may or may not be centred around a particular place - people come together because of shared interests, values, or goals, rather than because they are concerned about enhancing their day to day survival. In the 1996 Apple Design Project we invite you to reflect on the possibilities and problems of community, and the ways in which computational and communication technologies might support community. There are two avenues to explore. One direction is to focus on the question of how a placed-based community might be supported with computational technology - how might technology be integrated in to a place so as to better support the formation, maintenance, and functioning of the community within it? The other direction is to focus on the concept of virtual community, the idea that a network of interest can grow.
See the case study here ->
Brylcreem is an iconic hair styling brand with great heritage. To style a quiff you'll need more than just the product, you'll also need the right comb to achieve the right look. In the 50's men carried their combs around like we carry our smartphones today so let's bring a flavour of the 50's back but do it with a modern twist using 3D printing. Let's make pop up London barber shop with an online booking system and as each customer arrives a 3D Printer begins printing their personalised comb right in front of them as the barber cuts and styles their quiff using Brylcreem. See the case study here ->
Let's make Marmite even more famous in the online space by exploiting its 'you'll either love it or hate it' brand proposition. The Like button has been hailed as one of Facebook's greatest inventions. But what about a Dislike button? Marmite isn't scared to polarise opinion so we create a Marmite Index that lets people express their loves and hates at the click of a button and we'll publish the resulting data every Friday afternoon in a humorous e-newsletter just for fun. See the case study here ->
We were tasked to help Microsoft recruit future employees - and to remind current employees why Microsoft is a great employer. The best people to sell the benefits of working at Microsoft are current employees. So we asked them to create a 10 second 'Microfilm' of their Microsoft story and upload it to a public facing YouTube channel to help attract new recruits.
See the case study here ->
Casumo is a Swedish unorthodox online casino brand that is new and different from traditional online casinos. Through data analysis we uncovered an untapped audience in the north of England and Scotland who were regular, passionate online casino players with a certain absurd sense of humour. We used influencer marketing to present the idea that unorthodox gaming brings people together and if you play absurd you'll have more fun so take a walk on the weird side and try Casumo.
See the case study here ->
or visit the Play Absurd live site here ->
Market View: Campaign Magazine's Private View meets Channel 4's Gogglebox. A content platform to promote the values and personality of the independent creative agency ZAK. Weekly episodic videos throughout 2016 were released featuring market traders of London's Leather Lane reviewing the ads featured in Campaign's Private View. Released every Friday it combines ZAK's challenger mentality with the honest opinions of real people. See the case study here ->
In 2015 there were three ways digital was changing the car market. 1. Digital was make or break when it came to research. 2. Digital was changing the in-car experience. 3. And a digital driving reappraisal of the concept of car ownership. This winning pitch presentation combined insights and analytics to create a great Mercedes website experience in the UK, Australia & New Zealand. See the case study here ->
Bridgestone UK were looking to hire a local agency to run their promotions both online and offline. A pitch was called and I was invited as a strategist by one of the agencies to help build a response to the initial brief. The result was a promotional strategy and campaign management toolkit that was on-brand, timely, measurable and optimised to the requirements of both the business and the needs of their customers. See the case study here ->
The MyCareer planning tool makes the HSBC wide open for employees to plan their future around what they want out of life. This campaign encourages people to reflect on the things that make them unique, and to look for ways they can make the most of their attributes. It brings to life the aptitude tests that are the functional core of MyCareer. See the case study here ->
HSBC invests in training and the development of it's people at every career level. So throughout your employment you will be enriched and will grow - a simple message that a career with HSBC will take you further. This recruitment advertising campaign toolkit of five executions ran across five different audiences throughout twenty different countries in the Asia Pacific region.
See the case study here ->
How does HSBC talk to graduates? We inspire them about a potential future with HSBC by introducing them to real HSBC employees and their roles, what inspires them and the career progress they've achieved which has enabled them reach their current position. We called this strategy, 'Inspired by Progress' an authentic description of HSBC's approach to connecting the world. See the case study here ->
Shell is the home of some incredible engineering achievements: from the world's deepest offshore platform, to the world's biggest gas-to-liquids plant, and the world's first floating liquid natural gas facility. Our campaign was to recruit world-class engineers travelling through Aberdeen airport - a major transit hub for oil and gas engineers travelling to and from the rigs and plants of the North Sea and beyond. We wanted to achieve some positive disruption, catching people's eyes as they passed through the airport by celebrating the achievements of engineers and reminding them that Shell really is the most exciting place for them to work in the world. See the case study here ->
Motor oil is dull. Oil advertising is even duller. To cut through, Shell needed to reach drivers directly via memorable content or through positive word of mouth. Sometimes motorists are forced to make a choice on which oil they buy and, when they do, the objective was to force them to choose Shell Helix. Shell Helix would make itself synonymous with 'extreme' conditions. It would construct a 'torture test programme', designed to entertain and educate. It would bring the oil's benefits to life in the toughest conditions. The solution was Driven to Extremes, a three part TV and Influencer Marketing series designed to showcase the toughest driving challenges ever conceived. See the case study here ->
With the 'performance you can see' proposition the new LATAM Shell Helix Ultra TV ad featured a translucent, crystal car that allowed the viewer to see oil moving around its engine. A distribution idea that got the TV ad out to other global markets was to create a Smartphone app game using the accelerometer feature where gamers could manoeuvre oil by tilting or tapping to reveal the inner workings of a crystal engine. This fun game tested dexterity while building brand engagement.
See the case study here ->
Captcha is the security feature that requires web site visitors to rewrite distorted words to prove that they are human and not a computer bot. Renowned for being one of the more frustrating online security measures, KitKat worked with PlayCaptcha advertising to launch a more engaging and fun alternative to Captchas for KitKat fans. Instead of guessing the skewed words users can simply swipe along KitKat foil by using either their finger on a touch screen or a mouse on a PC.
See the case study here ->
It was the long hot summer of 2013. The world's media had been on Royal baby watch for weeks in the scorching heat outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London for the birthday of Prince George, William and Kate's first child. I had the idea to give the reporters a cool break from the heat, so we flash mobbed them on behalf of Kit Kat - taking everyone an ice cream cone and stuck a '99' Kit Kat finger in each scoop. See the case study here ->
I left school at 16 and went straight into a full-time role in a design agency as a junior artworker. Straight away I naturally took to corporate identity design and my skill in logo design has never left me. Here is a selection of logos I've created over the last 20 years. See the case study here ->
Somo were rebranding and their new strapline was 'Solutions for the connected world'. As Creative Director it was my responsibility to create the new mark. It told the story of dynamic change - what you get if you work with Somo. 'The Spark', an S shape created by two 16:9 smartphone screens, skewed 30 degrees. Shades of Yin & Yang, this new Somo logo had to work hard to help people understand what Somo's purpose and offering was. See the case study here ->
We have emerged through education and technological advancement into savvy media operators who are masters of image exploitation. This is the new social order and as with human nature in any era, the people who are enlightened or 'smarter' will find ways to control and manipulate the people who are not. The 8 Archetypes of Enterprise is a behavioural study of other people's motivation so we can make better life decisions based upon factors other than merely what we see as face value.
Read the white paper here ->
Tattooed Baby is a handbook about the cultivation of effective onscreen display advertising. It is a collection of 150 little insights split across 15 process oriented chapters and every insight written under 140 characters. Fundamentally, it's the art of telling big stories in small spaces. Read the eBook here ->
Reveal and Reduce the threat of Deep Fake Technology talk at CreativePool's Connect London - November 2018.

We've moved from no concern over our privacy to unabashed openness back to an acute awareness of the value of how our actions can in-turn affect us when we give it up to corporations and platforms. There is an awakening to that responsibility in the mainstream due to Facebook data breaches and the vulnerability of it's systems to manipulation, not to mention awareness of how the algorithm works in filter bubbling. This potential context collapse is related to themes of trust, identity and reality - what is real and what is fake? Now there is the proliferation of 'Deep-fake' technology what can we do to protect ourselves against attacks on democracy and if we can longer tell the difference between counterfeit and authenticity where does that leave us?

Download the presentation from Slideshare here ->

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